About DP Paskewitz
I have always had an interest in photography - from black and white snapshots with a Kodak Baby Brownie Special as an eight year old in 1956, through film cameras to today's digital cameras.  My interest rekindled twenty five years ago when I began learning about and photographing trains.  Today, I derive great personal satisfaction as I continue on the journey of learning and practicing the art and craft of photography.

Philosophy of My Photography
I believe photography is meant to be expressive, that is, to convey a feeling.  Thus, I process and manipulate raw data I capture with a camera and, in some cases, data from other sources, to achieve an image that appeals to me.  I seldom remember the scene I originally captured in any detail and have no intent or interest in recreating it.  I do hope that each of my photos will engender some emotion in you. 
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